First three chapters · 2005-07-29

Finally I post the first three chapters of the preliminary version of the book, in Spanish of course. There are 15 figures done by myself, but I do not include figures that do not belong to me to avoid problems with copyright laws. This image of example represents the board of a pentecontor, similar to the Phoenician ones, that could give rise to the entablature of the temple of ionic style (tourned over, of course).

Board of a ionic style boat

These chapters treat on the naval origin of the Greek temple, and on the number of columns of this one, without entering to analyze their form and meaning.

I know that there are people who download the Plan of the book, but I do not receive any opinions on the work. Is somebody there? It has sense that I continue writing this work?

Download the first three chapters of the book:

PDF icon Archivo: Capítulos 1, 2 y 3 [736 kB]
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  1. If Greek galleys were 25-100 metres long (as is stated in the literature, with over a metre per oarsman) then how could these ships be inverted; they would weigh x tons. My understanding is that special houses were build to winter/harbor the ships and that they offer some unique archaelogy.

    Michael Donohue    2010-07-06    #
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